About the Series

The Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management Workshop Series integrates the biological, physical, financial and family aspects of the farming business.

These diverse teachings are divided into 6 subject areas. Click any of the topics below to explore.

Multiple locations

We offer this dynamic workshop series in four different locations throughout Oregon, ensuring wherever you are the course won't be too far away.

Locations include: Central Oregon, South Willamette Valley, North Willamette Valley, and Southern Oregon.

Affordable Rates

Through our generous sponsors, we're able to offer the workshop series at an affordable price. We also offer discounts when enrolling with a partner.

Click here to see our pricing structure and learn more about our sponsors.

Growing Farms workshops provide beginning farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to manage the biological and financial risks of farming.

1. Dream It

Participants will define their values and assets so that they can build a strong farm plan. Information on grants, financing, and business structure will be provided.

2. Do It

Production systems for a sustainable farm business. We address production options, creating efficiency, labor, equipment, and the importance of renewable energy.

3. Grow It

Participants will learn the strategies to prevent biological problems on their farm, and how to recognize at what point action needs to be taken and what resources provide solutions.

4. Keep It

Participants learn about liability, succession planning, and entrepreneurship in order to sustain their farm business.

5. Manage It

Financial planning is essential to a successful small farm business. Cash flow, gaining credit, and tax liability will be covered.

6. Sell it

This session will integrate marketing into the whole farm plan, and address the connection between production and marketing (wholesale and direct) channels.

Classroom Sessions

The in-class sessions led by our top rated instructors are only a part of our unique hybrid learning model for the Growing Farms Workshop Series.


Field Sessions

Each course features field days, offering real-world hands on learning led by OSU faculty, experienced farmers, and other agricultural professionals.


Worldclass Learning

  • 32 Hours Direct Instruction
  • Excellent Resource Binder
  • Light Meals Provided
  • Sponsored by the USDA Risk Management Agency and Oregon Tilth

    See what alumni of the Growing Farms Workshops have been doing in Oregon.

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  • Ron's Rustic Grains

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  • Fred's Free Range Friends

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This course is intended for people who are either:

  • in their first 5 years of farming
  • seriously considering starting a farm business, or
  • considering major changes to their farm

This course includes both classroom and field sessions taught by OSU faculty, experienced farmers, and other agricultural professionals. Participants gain the skills to assess their resources and develop a whole farm plan.

The workshop series is offered in four regions of the state, allowing farmers to make connections with one another and the resources available to them in their region.



    Location Dates
    Central Oregon 5.23 - 6.10
    Southern Oregon 5.18 - 6.14
    North Willamette 5.10 - 6.2
    South Willamette 5.30 - 6.21



    Growing Farms Workshops
    Small Farms, Oregon State University
    Corvalis, OR 97331
    T (541) 737 1000
    Email: smallfarms@oregonstate.edu


    This course is exactly what I was looking for to help me determine the feasibility of developing my small farm.

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